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Cas and Jonesy Test Icebreaker


Cas (James Castrission) and Jonesy (Justin Jones) relied on Icebreaker clothing on their world record breaking polar expedition.

On Australia Day 26 January 2012, they became the first pair to journey the 2270km from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, totally unsupported. Cas and Jonesy completed their trek after 89 days of pushing the very limits of mental and physical pain in one of the planet’s most unpredictable and harshest landscapes. Paddy Pallin provided solid advice and dependable gear to help them survive the extreme conditions they encountered.

Icebreaker tested by Cas and Jonsey:

* Thermal base layers, socks and undies, changing only the thermal base layer and undies ONCE in 89 days. That’s 2 pairs of undies and 2 thermals for 89 days!

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