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Campers Pantry is an Australian owned company located in Tasmania that specialises in freeze-dried food. Using premium local produce, Campers Pantry aims to provide outdoorists with nutritious, lightweight and tasty meals to take along on  all of their adventures. 

Created specifically with the outdoors in mind, Campers Pantry meals are lightweight and simple to prepare. By just adding boiling water and stirring occasionally, the meals are ready in minutes and can be eaten straight out of the packet, allowing you to reduce weight in unnecessary plates and bowls. 

Gone are the days of eating boring and bland meals while out in the bush. With a little boiling water, Campers Pantry meals will allow you to eat like a king or queen, with their diverse range of meals. Catering for a range of diets, Campers Pantry has delicious options for the meat-eaters out there, such as Lamb Casserole and Spaghetti Bolognese. For vegetarians, there are also plenty of options, like the Cauliflower & Pea Dahl and the Vegetarian Pasta which are both high protein meals, ideal for recharging after a long day on the trail.

Campers Pantry Hiking and Camping Meals

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner

Campers Pantry range also features lightweight pre-cut and cooked veggies such as the Broccoli, Beans and Mushrooms. These are a perfect meal accompaniment or a great addition to your curries, casseroles and pasta. 

Campers Pantry freeze-dried meals for hiking and camping

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner
We asked some of the experienced #PaddyStaffers throughout Australia to share their personal experiences with Campers Pantry over the years.



Manish has had many experiences with Campers Pantry, with his most memorable being on the Overland Track down in Tasmania. During this trip, Manish enjoyed Campers Pantry for all of his meals, with Cauliflower & Pea Dahl and Moroccan Pork being his favourites. Manish opts for Campers Pantry meals due to the convenience of them, as they are easy to prepare and can be eaten out of the packet without the need of additional bowls and plates. The large portions and rich with plenty of calories make it the ideal meal to keep him fueled on his adventures. Manish also recommends that if you enjoy your meals spicy, to bring some additional spice to throw in. 


Andrew first became acquainted with Campers Pantry meals on a road trip from Sydney to Cairns with his girlfriend. With the long hours spent driving and many surfs in between, Andrew often opted for a Campers Pantry meal at the end of the day, rather than cooking up something from scratch. The Beef & Blackbean is a personal favourite of his, as the high quality meat used makes it taste like a proper meal.


Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner



Paddy from our Melbourne store has experienced most of what Campers Pantry has to offer. Heading down to the Overland Track with his father, Paddy brought along many Campers Pantry meals to fuel both of them during the adventure. Paddy and his father were well fed during their long trek together. Paddy’s favourite Campers Pantry meals are the Tuna Beans and Tuna Mornay.



Andrew, an experienced staff member from the Paddy Pallin Perth store has had some magical experiences with Campers Pantry meals. The most memorable of his was eating a Cauliflower & Pea Dahl while the sun set over the Flinders Range.


Lou is another Paddy Pallin staff member who is a fan of the popular Cauliflower & Pea Dahl meal by Campers Pantry. Pairing the delicious meal with a mug of wine, Lou managed to stay warm and cosy during a chilly night on the Bibbulmun Track.

Fortitude Valley


Fortitude Valley’s resident mountaineer, Beatrice, enjoyed a warm and tasty Spaghetti Bolognese while completing a mountaineering course while up in the Blue Mountains. Beatrice likes to bring along Campers Pantry meals on her adventures, as after a long day, the meals are fast and easy to prepare. 



Perfect for multi-day hikes, Campers Pantry has you covered for all of your meals during your trip. With a large variety of options, you can have a different delicious meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do you have a favourite Campers Pantry meal?

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