2020 has started in a way that no Australian could ever imagine. It will go down in history as the year that changed everything and tested many of us beyond comprehension. 

This year we turn 90 so this is not the first challenging time Paddy Pallin has faced and will not be the last. Our first store was opened in 1930 and in the 90 years since, we have endured and celebrated many ups and downs. Over the years, our business has witnessed many changes but we have always wanted to give back to the environments that mean so much to us. This resulted in the creation of the Paddy Pallin Foundation Trust in April, 2007.

The Paddy Pallin Foundation has worked with a variety of different groups over the years through grants, donations and awareness support which is in line with their value of championing native land and animal conservation throughout Australia. 

I have touched base with the Paddy Pallin Foundation for a brief update of what has been happening over the last 12 months from Robert Pallin, Member of Directors.


Don’t Bag the Environment

The Paddy Pallin Foundation in conjunction with the Paddy Pallin retail stores continues to support “Don’t Bag the Environment” to raise funds for different projects throughout Australia.

Paddy Pallin established the “Don’t Bag the Environment” program back in 1992 as a means to make a positive contribution to the environment as well as reducing packaging in our stores. To encourage you to support our efforts, every time you decline a shopping bag with your purchase, Paddy Pallin will donate 20 cents towards a nominated project which helps to preserve Australia’s natural heritage. Over the years, Don’t Bag the Environment has supported a range of foundations and campaigns, including the Invasive Species Council, and the Great Koala National Park. 

Since September 2019, Paddy Pallin has raised $4921.45 for the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. This is a huge achievement – thank you to everybody who said no to a bag in store and contributed to this number.


Don't bag the environment. Paddy Pallin Foundation.

Photograph: Tinderbox Hills – Tasmanian Land Conservancy.


The Paddy Pallin Foundation also supports and contributes to the work of other foundations and organisations.


Paddy Pallin Science Grants

We continue to support PhD students and early career scientists with grants towards their work through the Royal Zoological Society of NSW.

Learn more here.

Australasian Bat Society Science Grants

Two competitive grants are awarded to projects that promote the conservation and/or knowledge of bats in Australasia. One of these grants will be awarded to projects related to flying-foxes.

Learn more here.

Paddy Pallin Reserve, Lindfield

We have been continuing to fund the bush regeneration of this urban reserve to great effect. This contribution enabled additional funds to be allocated by the landowner, Ku-ring-gai Council.

Learn more here.

Paddy Pallin reserve

Photograph: Paddy Pallin Reserve Sign – The Kuringai Examiner. 

 AABR support

The Australian Association of Bush Regenerators promotes the study and practice of ecological restoration.  The Paddy Pallin Foundation is funding a mini-documentary on the Decline and Recovery of The Big Scrub, a contribution to the series of stories on ecological restoration on RegenTV.  This is hosted on the AABR website and a YouTube channel.

Learn more here.

Give a Dam Campaign

The Paddy Pallin Foundation has been supporting the Give a Dam campaign to stop the raising of the Warragamba Dam wall.  If this goes ahead it will flood thousands of hectares of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, obliterating regent honeyeater habitat and flooding areas of aboriginal cultural areas.

Learn more here

Give A Dam rally. Supported by the Paddy Pallin Foundation.

Photograph: Give A Dam Rally – Give A Dam.

Nature Conservation Council of NSW Ending Deforestation campaign

The Paddy Pallin Foundation has been supporting this campaign. It has been getting some good wins so far but needs more.

Learn more here.

Bob Brown Foundation

The Paddy Pallin Foundation supported the Bob Brown Foundation in raising funds to help protect the Takayna/Tarkine Forests from logging and mining.

Learn more here.

Takayna Ultra 2020 - with Patagonia, Paddy Pallin and the Bob Brown Foundation

Photograph – Paddy Pallin staff attending the 2020 Takayna Ultra event in partnership with the Bob Brown Foundation, The Paddy Pallin Foundation and Patagonia.

The Paddy Pallin Foundation also contributed to the purchase of Gospers Mountain by the Foundation for National Parks. This inholding was important to purchase for the integrity of the surrounding Yengo National Park.

 Learn more here.


The Australian bushfires, and the emergence and takeover of COVID-19 has greatly impacted many of the above campaigns, which have taken a large hit to their resources. These circumstances have made the support of organisations like The Paddy Pallin Foundation even more important. We must continue to have a voice and support the movements to save our native land and animals.

To learn more about The Paddy Pallin Foundation or to get involved, click here.


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Some 80 years ago, a young bushwalker's dissatisfaction with the limited and heavy bushwalking equipment available prompted him to design and make his own. Before long, word spread, and Paddy Pallin's lightweight, functional designs were soon in demand among fellow bushwalkers. From its early days the company has concentrated on supplying bushwalkers, travellers and adventurers with the highest quality and most advanced products and knowledge. Since 1930 the company has grown to become Australia's leading supplier of specialist outdoor and travel gear. The company, still owned by the Pallin family, now has thirteen stores throughout Australia as well as online, mail order and corporate sales divisions. We are using our vast wealth of knowledge, and experience, to build an online community where we can share our stories, reviews and tech tips to help you research and plan your next adventure.

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