Don’t Bag the Environment is Paddy Pallin’s longest-running campaign. The business wanted to find a way to offset the use of shopping bags, so since the early 90s has donated $0.20 for every bag declined to an environmental partner. Don’t Bag the Environment is still so relevant today, which is why we are thrilled that in 2021, we donated a total of $17,843.85 to our most recent Don’t Bag the Environment partner, Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner

We are equally thrilled to announce our newest Don’t Bag the Environment partner, The Wilderness Society. In 1976 a group of environmentalists led by Dr Bob Brown formed the Wilderness Society to save the Franklin and Gordon Rivers in South West Tasmania from the flooding of Lake Pedder for hydroelectricity. The historic Franklin River campaign defined a new generation of environmentalists and set a precedent for the Federal Government to intervene and protect World Heritage-listed sites. Since then, the Wilderness Society has contributed to the protection of countless environments in and around Australia, including the Pilliga Forest.

1980 Pilliga Camp Trip - The Pallin Family

1980 Pilliga Camp Trip – The Pallin Family

Through their most recent campaign, Protect the Pilliga Forest, the Wilderness Society are working to stop the development of Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project, which would see an estimated 850 Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells drilled in the Pilliga Forest. The Pilliga Forest is the sacred land of the Gamilaraay people and a critical point of the Great Artesian Basin, the crucial water source for much of Inland Australia. If you would like to learn more, check out our Pilliga Ultra Webpage.

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner

The Wilderness Society partnered with local communities around the Pilliga, as well as For Wild Places to make the inaugural Pilliga Ultra trail run happen earlier this year. The Narrabri Gas Project is widely controversial, and the vast majority of landowners within the 3.7 million hectares surrounding the Pilliga are opposed to CSG mining in the area. 

Paddy Pallin is thrilled to continue our support for Wild Places through Don’t Bag the Environment. If you would like to learn more: Don’t Bag the Environment  

Watch the Pilliga Rising Film here.


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