I must admit I’ve never been a big fan of the hiking boot.  For the types of treks I’ve done, my trusty trail running shoes have done the job just fine, never a hotspot or blister, plenty of grip and lightweight. But when HOKA ONE ONE one brought out their TOR Summit Mid WP, I was intrigued enough to give the boot a go.  After all, the HOKA reputation for comfort has seen the brand grow into a global sensation in just over 6 years.  In a complete departure from the trend towards minimalist running shoes, HOKA’s signature maximalist shoes have worldwide fans, from the average Joe to high performance athletes. Superlight and mega cushioned, the HOKA brand claims a smoother ride and springy cushioning (from it’s EVA closed cell foam technology), which enables the athlete to keep on running by reducing fatigue in the muscles and joints. That sounds just fine to me!


At first glance they’re an honest looking hiking shoe and not at all identifiable as a cousin to the HOKA running shoe, save for the thick-layered heel.  Its grey blue and black good looks are modern and a welcome change up from others in the same category.  The unexpected surprise however is its featherweight feel, at just 350gms – much lighter than it looks!

I took the boots on a hit out in rainy and hot conditions.  Grip would be a key issue, as well as stability on the uneven terrain.  The boot has 5mm lugs, ample for hiking and made with tough Vibram composite material for durability. With its hyper cushioned sole, I was concerned that it might throw out my sense of the ground beneath me.  This wasn’t the case at all.  I easily navigated the hilly and rocky terrain and felt surefooted as a packhorse.  On flatter terrain, I detected the slight sensation of a heel to toe momentum.  It turns out the HOKA Tor Summit have what they call a ‘Meta Rocker’ to promote natural forward motion of walking.  And, as we know after a long day on your feet, you welcome anything to help propel you on!


The boot has an eVent waterproof breathable membrane, which stood up to the ankle deep submersion test.  My feet remained cool and dry as promised.  I probably would recommend a sock that cushions well around the ankle to avoid any irritation against the shoe.  This would also allow for a firmer fit for those skinny ankled girls like me.

I see these boots really coming into their own on a multiday hike, especially in soggy or rocky terrain such as Kosciuszko or Larapinta. The slab of foam in the midsole really protects your feet without the heaviness.


The men’s colour option is Brown/Golden Rod

With trekking shoes, comfort is king.  If I must put my deft trail runners aside for a serious multi-purpose boot, I want comfort.  I have found the HOKA One One Tor Summit delivers that, and I can certainly see them improving with wear.

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Lindsay is a communication and social media maven, currently working with Girls Trekking Adventures. She is a mother, trekker, runner, shower-singer and occasionally blogs about mid-life crises and other first world issues. She’s passionate about experiencing more of the natural beauty of Australia and her trekking bucket list includes the Kimberley and Flinders Ranges. Her favourite trekking destinations are Kosciuszko National Park and the Larapinta trail.

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