Purchasing the perfect Christmas present for your friends and family can be difficult, especially for the outdoor enthusiasts that seem to already have it all. To give you some inspiration and insider advice, we asked some of our adventurous #PaddyStaffers with different passions for the outdoors, from stores across the country, what they would like to receive under their Christmas tree this year. We asked them for their ideal present ideas for someone with a budget and then an option for any big spenders. Hopefully their answers will help you decide on the perfect gift for the adventurous people in your life.


For the Travelling Hikers

Sean from our Fortitude Valley store loves mountain biking and camping but his ultimate love is hiking. One of his most incredible adventures was hiking for 6 weeks in Nepal, walking the Manaslu Circuit through the Tsum Valley and continuing on to Annapurna.   

Paddy Pallin staffer Sean enjoying his time hiking in Nepal

Sean enjoying his time hiking in Nepal.

On a Budget 

For someone on a budget Sean opted for the Osprey 22L Talon as being a great gift. The Talon is an incredibly versatile daypack that doesn’t skimp on the features. It includes a wide hip-belt with pockets, a space for your hydration pack and even trekking-pole attachments. For those traveling, an appealing feature of the Talon is its simple frame which is capable of being completely flattened for storage. This means it can be easily stowed away in a larger bag when you’re in transit. 

Osprey Talon 22L day pack

Osprey Talon 22L Day Pack

Big Spender 

Given the option of spending a little more, Sean opted for the Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket. Coming in at only 318g the Nano Air jacket is an incredibly versatile piece of kit to have at your disposal. It can function as both an outer layer in milder conditions or a mid-layer for high output activities in cold conditions. As the Nano Air uses a synthetic insulation, it’s perfect for those who need warmth during their activities. Unlike down feathers, which clump when in contact with moisture, the jacket’s synthetic insulation stays warm even when wet meaning it continues to perform under the harshest of conditions. 

Patagonia Nano Air Jacket in black

Patagonia Nano Air Jacket

For those who love Mountain Adventures 

Mark from our Sydney store won’t miss any opportunity to gain some elevation and hit the mountains. He is an avid ski-tourer and trail runner. One of his proudest touring accomplishments is climbing and skiing Mount Rainier. With a summit elevation of over 4,000m, Mount Rainier is one of the highest mountains in the United States and offers one of the most glaciated peaks for those who reach the summit.   

On a Budget 

Mark’s first pick was the SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Socks for general use and trail-running. The SmartWool socks use a synthetic-merino blend fabric with panelling for enhanced ventilation and moisture management on the trail. Merino socks are the perfect companion for mountain adventures, where their breathability and warmth-when-wet properties keep you comfortable.

SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Socks for everyday use

SmartWool PhD Ultra Light Socks

Big Spender 

Mark chose the Arc’teryx Beta AR for his ideal Christmas present from Paddy’s. The Beta features a GORE-TEX Pro membrane with an incredible waterproof rating of 28,000mm and superior breathability to other GORE-TEX membranes. The durable jacket is the perfect shell for those looking to stay comfortable and protected during alpine adventures.

Arc'teryx Beta AR Waterproof Hiking Jacket

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket

For the Kayakers 

For John from the Canberra Store there was no uncertainty when it came to selecting his favourite way to spend time in the outdoors. Kayaking is his passion and it’s taken him across the world in pursuit of the best white water. From being a paddling instructor in Norway to completing the first descent of the Gungarlin River in Kosciusko National Park, John chooses the water as his medium for adventure. 

Paddy Pallin staff member John kayaking the whitewater in India

John taking on the whitewater in India

On a Budget 

John opted for the light-weight comfort of the Helinox Chair One. Coming in at 960g (with case) the lightweight chair is built with durable DAC aluminum poles to withstand a lot on your adventures. After a long day of paddling in the wilderness there’s no better way to make your friends a little envious than by pulling out your Helinox chair while they pull up a rock.

Lightweight hiking chair Helinox One

The exceptionally light Helinox Chair One

Big Spender 

For his big-ticket item, John chose the Mont Helium 450 Sleeping bag. John emphasised that he likes his gear to be multifunctional so he can take it across a range of conditions. The Mont Helium is one of few sleeping bags that offer a full-zipper on an ultralight mummy bag. So while it provides -7ºc comfort zipped and cinched in the winter it can be opened up to a cosy blanket for the warmer months. As an added bonus the Helium’s impressive compressibility allows it to be easily stowed away in the limited space on a kayak. Paired with Sea to Summit’s Compression eVent Dry Sacks, you can keep your sleeping bag dry and secure during all your time on the water.  

-7 degree Helium sleeping bag by Mont

Mont Helium 450 Sleeping Bag

For the Snow Campers 

Robbie from the Parramatta store loves to spend nights camping high in the alpine region. His favourite activity is backcountry skiing, he recalled proudly how he had recently skied down the south face of Mount Sentinel off the Main Range in Kosciusko.

Paddy Pallin staffer Robbie snowshoeing in Kosciuszko National Park

Robbie snowshoeing to South Ramshead in Kosciuszko National Park

On a Budget 

Robbie picked out the updated Black Diamond Spot 325 head torch for his Christmas stocking. Robbie currently has an older model Spot head torch which has served him well, but the extra 125 lumens of light for approximately the same weight (4g less) has enticed him to consider the newer model. The new model also includes a Brightness Memory function which means it will turn on at a chosen brightness and not waste power by reverting back to full-power.

Black Diamond Spot 325 Lumens Headtoch

Black Diamond Spot325 Headlamp

Big Spender 

Robbie expressed that he likes to use fleeces for layering so naturally he picked the classic Patagonia Micro D Snap-T Pullover. It serves as both a technical insulator and has the signature Patagonia design for style points in the wilderness. Plus, the jumper is made from 100% recycled materials and is Fair-trade certified as part of Patagonia’s commitment to producing high-quality ethical gear.  

Patagonia's Micro D Snap-T Fleece Pullover

Patagonia’s Micro D Snap-T Pullover

For the Climbers 

Whether it’s climbing, biking, hiking or caving, Evie from our Melbourne store simply loves being outdoors. Her favourite way to be in the elements is to be climbing beautiful rocks. The physical demands of outdoor climbing allow her to push her physical limits while surrounded in serene wilderness. Evie proudly reflected on overcoming the physical challenges she experienced on a 15 hour day canyoning in the Blue Mountains. Ropework activities allow Evie to engage uniquely with these hidden landscapes. 

Paddy Pallin staffer Evie finishing up her outdoor climb

Evie topping out on some beautiful rock

On a Budget 

Evie is after the Black Diamond Stoppers for her Christmas stocking. These classic accessories are an essential component for those building a trad climbing or anchor-building rack. The stoppers’ transverse taper allows them to slot easily into a variety of rock configurations. With a large range of sizes, a set of these stoppers will help any climber get up a variety of rock walls. 

Black Diamond Stoppers for use in outdoor climbing

Black Diamond Stoppers

Big Spender 

After a year of limited access to climbing, Evie was after a durable rope for gym climbing to resume her training. With its large rope diameter, the Tendon Ambition 10.2 climbing rope is perfect for indoor climbing. As a thicker rope it provides increased durability against the harsh synthetic surfaces of the gym and repeated falling as you test your limits. Furthermore, the Ambition rope features Tendon’s patented TeFIX technology that binds the rope sheath to the inner core. This offers high safety and a much longer lifespan for those who work their gear hard.  

Tendon Ambition 10.2mm TeFIX 60 meter Climbing Rope

Tendon Ambition 10.2 TeFIX Climbing Rope


For the Thru-Hikers 

Andy from our Hobart store perhaps put it best when asked about his favourite outdoor activities. Succinct and true for most outdoor enthusiasts, Andy’s favourite activity was exploring. His fascination with the outdoors led Andy to complete a traverse of Tasmania in 2018. Beginning in the south east corner of Tasmania, he traversed the southern state’s mountain ranges to finish in Cape Grim in the Tarkine. The 84 days he spent on the trail is one of his proudest outdoor experiences.

Paddy's staffer Andy climbing up the trail in Tasmania

A creative use of kitchen gloves as Andy takes on the wet on the trail

On a Budget 

When you spend many days on the trail, comfort is key. For that reason the Arcade Adventure Belt was top of Andy’s list. With its low profile design the belt sits comfortably underneath a backpacks hip-belt under heavy loads. This comfortable stretch fit comes in at under 100g making it the perfect belt for long adventures.

Lightweight, hiking belt by Arcade

Arcade Foundation Belt

Big Spender 

The importance of keeping your backpack light is often proportional to how long you intend to be on the trail. Andy chose the Western Mountaineering Ultralite sleeping bag as his dream Christmas present. This versatile bag sits at a mere 820g (6’ size) for a -10ºc temperature rating. While the bag can handle these lower temperatures, with it’s 850+ fill power down and draft collar, the continuous horizontal baffle design and full length zipper allow the user to shift the insulation and vent the bag during warmer conditions. This makes the bag the perfect all-rounder for those wanting to stay comfortable across a range of temperatures. 

-10 degree western mountaineering ultralight sleeping bag

Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping Bag


Choosing the right gift for the adventurers in your life doesn’t have to be a chore. Those who spend so much time on the trail are constantly evolving and redeveloping their gear to stay comfortable. Adding, removing and reconfiguring the gear that makes it onto a trip is all part of the fun of being self-sufficient in the wilderness. Understanding the kind of adventure your loved one is after and what they prioritise on the trail, whether it’s weight or luxury, will help you to choose the perfect Christmas gift. Hopefully this guide will provide more insight into what might be the right gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.


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