On September 20, millions of us will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. We’re striking for the future of our planet.

Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.

“Does Paddy Pallin support the Global Climate Strike?”

“Yes we do. The Paddy Pallin Retail Group support the strikes. We believe that Australian society and policy makers can no longer continue with the slow pace of change when it comes to human-induced climate change causing global warming. At the core of what we do is the Australian bush, deserts, waterways and oceans. We love the native flora and fauna that make these places home, and we love that we can get out into it and share in their wonders. Paddy himself wanted us, and the future generations, to have the opportunity to love these places by experiencing them first-hand through outdoor adventure. That’s why our business and our staff are standing up and walking out for Global Climate Strike. We will be closing our doors and striking on September 20th. We encourage you to join us!” – Chris Mein, General Manager


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Paddy Pallin staff members will be shutting up shop to participate in Global Climate Strikes across the nation. We encourage you to take a stand with your actions and speak up with us at your local striking event. Please note that some of our stores will be closed for a 2 hour window while they are participating. Please see below for closure times. All stores will be open for an additional 30 mins after their usual closing time to ensure customers have adequate time to get geared up before weekend adventures (excluding stores who are already open for Friday late night shopping). Please check our website for your local store hours.

Global Climbing Strike



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Some 80 years ago, a young bushwalker's dissatisfaction with the limited and heavy bushwalking equipment available prompted him to design and make his own. Before long, word spread, and Paddy Pallin's lightweight, functional designs were soon in demand among fellow bushwalkers. From its early days the company has concentrated on supplying bushwalkers, travellers and adventurers with the highest quality and most advanced products and knowledge. Since 1930 the company has grown to become Australia's leading supplier of specialist outdoor and travel gear. The company, still owned by the Pallin family, now has thirteen stores throughout Australia as well as online, mail order and corporate sales divisions. We are using our vast wealth of knowledge, and experience, to build an online community where we can share our stories, reviews and tech tips to help you research and plan your next adventure.

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