After a few years off of our shelves and many, many customers asking us where they have gone, we are thrilled to announce that Hoka One Ones are back at Paddy Pallin! The new hiking range has just landed in-store so we thought that we would run you through the styles, what’s on offer in terms of features and functionalities, as well as a first look from some trusted adventurers!

Hoka One One has been developed by passionate people who love getting into the wilderness. The idea behind the shoes is to get people moving faster, which is achieved by lightweight designs coupled with premium cushioning and technical tread. This has idea has been continued into their new “Sky” hiking range, creating an ultra-light and very comfortable hikers which are up the challenge of even some of the toughest multi-day treks.

Hoka One One Sky Toa front view

Hoke One One Sky Toa Women’s


In our range at Paddy Pallin we have two styles from Hoka One One, the Sky Kaha and the Sky Toa – both are available in men’s and women’s.

Sky Kaha

The Sky Kaha is named after the Maori word for “strength and support” and it sure does live up to its name. With a thick and cushioned midsole to support your foot all trek long and a patented geometrically designed Vibram Megagrip outsole to provide fantastic grip on a range of rough terrain, these shoes have been built to take on day hikes or long overnight treks where you will be carrying a pack. They are very light, especially considering how much cushioning has been packed in, this means that you will be able to power up those mountains and still feel light on your feet. Next time you’re in store, pick one up, we’re super you’ll be surprised with how lightweight these boots are, too! The eVent waterproof bootie which is sewn inside the shoe keeps your feet dry even when submerged in puddles and allows them to breathe (we tested this with some serious river crossings, and better yet, puddle jumping on a wet and muddy hike). The Sky Kaha is available in both men’s and women’s styles. When comparing the fit of the two styles, we found the Sky Kaha to be a roomier fit providing a great option for people with wider feet.

Hoka Kaha Men's Hiking boots

Hoka One One Sky Kaha Men’s

Sky Toa

The other Hoka One One hiker in our range is the Sky Toa. It is built for day hikes, rugged trail runs and adventures where carrying a lot of weight won’t be apart of your daily routine. The Sky Toa is a waterproof hiker that was inspired by trail running so it is very light and feels like a trail runner on your foot with the added bonus of ankle support. This shoe will definitely not slow you down and is built for speed – the question is, can you keep up? The Toa also features an aggressive Vibram outsole and a comfy foam midsole. Keep in mind that there isn’t as much cushioning as the Kaha, but that’s the trade-off for a multi-purpose, versatile hiker that you can easily jog in. The Sky Toa’s are available in both men’s and women’s specific designs.

Side view of the Hoka Toa Boot being tested on a rocky incline inside a Paddy Pallin Store

Hoka One One Sky Toa Women’s

For someone prone to blisters and sore feet these are the shoes for you. They have been designed to be comfortable from the moment you step into them. Amy, lover of all things snow and an avid hiker, laced up a pair of Kahas straight out of the box and hit a rugged day hike through the Blue Mountains without any wearing in. They caused no blisters, rubbing or discomfort which she says is, “crazy as [she] ALWAYS gets blisters, in every new pair of shoes. It felt like I was walking on a little cloud.”

Hoka One One Sky Kaha's being worn on a rainy day through the Blue Mountains

Hoka One One Sky Kaha Women’s

The outer soles of the hikers are made of Vibram® Megagrip, a very grippy and durable rubber meaning they will provide you with traction on a range of wet and dry terrain. Dan, an adventurer whose outdoor pursuits are based out of the North Shore Mountains in British Columbia, Canada put the Vibram® Megagrip soles to the test during his extended time in Australia. He spent time in Northern Queensland, experiencing tropical rains and humid adventure conditions. “The Toa shoe provided the support I needed when my adventures involved boulder hopping or pushing through the bush, climbing over trees, pulling myself up from roots, or making my way over large rocks. In these conditions, the Vibram® Megagrip provided comfort and stability both when climbing up and when coming down on slippery and wet surfaces.”

The outer sole of a Hoka Toa

Vibram® Megagrip Sole

The wide base of the Hoka combined with the Megagrip soles allowed Amy to easy walk through icy terrain. “I felt very stable on icy and snowy trails, my feet didn’t sink into the snow as easily as other boots that I have worn, which is due to how wide to sole of the shoe is. I was surprised on certain icy sections that I had as much grip as I did.”

Hoke One One Sky Kaha in Snowy Conditions

Hoka One One Sky Kaha Women’s

The mid sole is comprised of thick rubberised foam, probably one of the thickest soles your have ever seen on a hiker. They provide your feet with soft and supportive soles for all-day wear. Dan found that ‘the thickness of the sole clearly elevated my experience from my previous boots, as I felt the impact was absorbed and it was extremely comfortable. I did worry about the thickness of the sole affecting my responsiveness on the trail. However, as mentioned, once I got used to it the Vibram® Megagrip really holds to whatever surface I seem to throw at it, giving me the confidence to pivot quickly or launch off to my next step. When adventuring with the guys I do, it’s important for me to be able to keep my pace confidently, even on uneven terrain. We may be nearly 60, but that doesn’t mean our pace drops!”

Tayla, a multi-day bushwalker and climber based in Sydney, she often struggles to find comfy shoes that don’t rub and are wide enough for her feet. Tayla commented on the ability to wear these shoes day in and day out with ease. She found confidence in the comfort and support these shoes provided her from morning to night, often alleviating some of the discomforts she usually finds from a jam packed day, and improving the overall feeling of her feet at the end of the day.

Hoka One One Sky Toa being tested out on the trail next to a very cute dog

Handles ‘ruff’ conditions with ease

When taking the shoes back to his home country of Canada, Dan put them to the test adventuring in local canyons and hitting the trails. “The terrain I was tackling is steep and is home to a variety of surfaces. We’re on dirt paths, exposed rock, wet roots, mossy logs or rock, and often pounding on jagged surfaces.”

Hoka Boots on a rough Canadian trail

Hoka One One Sky Toa Men’s

The eVent waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry no matter how heavy the rain is, as it prevents water from seeping in while allowing moisture to escape. Despite the shoes being waterproof, Dan said, “I still found them breathable enough that I was able to wear them in the hot and humid conditions of Northern Queensland, which I know is often a concern for shoes that are acclaimed for their waterproofing.”

Austin, a Brissy-based adventurer who loves finding the most remote, off-grid spots to bushwalk and camp, also found the boots to be highly waterproof. “On a wet and cold hike through the mountains, I walked through (maybe even tripped, once or twice) into many puddles and streams. My feet stayed dry and warm all day, even though the outside of the boot was well and truly saturated. I was thrilled when I pulled my feet out at the end of the day to find a dry sock, something I would not be able to do putting my old hikers through the same conditions”


Hoka One One Kaha keeping feet dry in a cold stream

Hoka One One Sky Kaha Women’s

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to ensure that you are always wearing socks made from a material that is breathable and wicks sweat to help the moisture escape and prevent that damp foot feeling. You can learn more about choosing the right hiking socks here.

Keep in mind that water can still get in from the top, so check how deep those creeks and puddles are before confidently stepping in and on rainy days wear some waterproof pants or gaiters to stop the water getting in.

Hoka Sky Toa's being worn in the Canadian Wilderness

If you have a wide foot, we’re sure you’ll be pleased when you try on these shoes, they are quite roomy, especially the Kaha. But don’t worry if your not a wide footed hiker, we found that adjusting the laces brought in the width quite a lot to allow them to fit a narrow foot as well. Austin commented that she has a long and slender foot, usually ordering shoes in a narrow size, but found no issue when lacing up these shoes. She noted that the bootie hugged her foot tightly.

If you are looking for heightened comfort as well as support and unbeatable tread while being ultra light weight, the Hoka One One range is the perfact match for your needs. Head into your local Paddy Pallin store where one of our experienced team members can get you measured up and find that perfect fit to get you out on the trail.

You can check out the new Hoka One One hiking range online here.

Happy hiking!

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