The Jetboil CrunchIt is back on the market and we are pretty excited about it! Safely and easily recycle your own disposable gas canisters at home. This handy little device will save you a lot of time and effort. 

When we head out on adventures, especially overnight ones, we usually pack in our handy stove and for a lot of us, we take a gas stove. At the end of your trip, after enjoying lots of hot and hearty meals, your gas canister has run out. So it’s now time to dispose of your canister; you probably store it in a cupboard until you have a chance to head to the safe disposal centre or depending on your council, organise a collection. While the simplicity of a gas stove makes you choose to carry one, the disposal of the canister is not so simple.
Well, luckily there is now another option… the Jetboil CrunchIt! This handy little tool allows you to completely empty your isobutane gas canister and puncture it, allowing it to be safely recycled in your home recycling bin.

Jetbooild Crunchit Tool

The Jetboil CrunchIt tool screws onto your empty fuel canister and releases any remaining gas that is still in the can. Even when we think our stove has used up everything in the can, there can still be small amounts of gas left. After you have completely emptied the canister, you can then use the tool to puncture it to ensure there is no pressure left inside. The tool works kind of like how your old can opener punctures tins, but a lot better grip. Now you are able to safely recycle your canister! We still recommend contacting your local council to ensure that recycling your old empty and unsealed gas canisters in your own bin is the best way to go about it.

Jetboil CrunchIt Being Used

The tool is small enough and light enough to throw in your pocket as it’s made from stainless steel. It comes with a cover that goes over the puncturing part of the tool to ensure that it doesn’t hurt you or your gear when not in use. It even works as a bottle opener, is there anything it can’t do?

So next time you are stocking up on gas for your weekend hike or outdoor adventure, pick up a Jetboil CrunchIt tool so you can safely and easily dispose of your isobutane gas canisters.

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