It’s nearly time for Oxfam Trailwalker and it is important that you are prepared for the occasion. When you take your first step out onto your trail, you want to feel like you’re prepared with all the necessary gear that you and your team members will need to make it to the finish line. Here are our top last-minute purchases and preparation tips for Oxfam Trailwalker. 


Acti-Bliss wool, and anti-chafe cream 

By now, you should have been training in your shoes for a few months, and your feet should be well acquainted with them. However, when you’re on the trail walking 100km without an overnight rest, you’re inevitably going to get rubbing and hot spots. Don’t underestimate the ability of a few bad blisters to change the whole experience for you and force you to drop out. You want to be prepared to tackle any hotspots as soon as you feel them forming.  

Acti-Blis Body Glide Anti-Chafe

In our experience, blister prevention wool Acti-Bliss is a total game changer. It’s made from a combination of Australian sheep’s wool and lanolin, which nourishes the skin with a moisturising effect as well as absorbing excess moisture. When you apply it, tear a little bit off and shape it around the sore spot, which will form a barrier, and shape itself comfortably within your sock. Other products which are going to be extremely helpful are BodyGlide’s Anti-Chafe Balm and Cream. They can be applied all over your feet, including in between toes. It’s easy to apply, sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, and incredibly effective at preventing rubbing.


Packing is an important part of preparing for Oxfam Trailwalker. You don’t want to take too much excess clothing that you won’t need, because you’ll be weighed down unnecessarily, but it’s also crucial that you don’t skimp on things that are going to keep you safe, warm, dry, and full of energy on the trail. By now, you should have things like a pack, bladder, shoes, clothes, lighting, first aid supplies, rain and sun protection.. Check out the blog with our best gear tips if you’re still looking for those important items. 

Before your walk, determine how much food and water you take on each leg of the journey. When determining what clothing to wear for the day, make you check  a trustworthy weather forecast like the Bureau of Meteorology as close to your starting time as possible.



The best food to be buying for long-distance walks like Oxfam Trailwalker are high-energy snacks like Gu Energy Gels and Clif Bars. You can eat these on the go, and while they’ll fill you up quickly, they won’t sit in your stomach uncomfortably or put you in a food coma. A couple of bigger, high-energy meals will be important too, so let your support crew know exactly what you know you’ll be craving for those rest stops! 


If you’re still tossing up whether you need to buy a bladder, or whether water bottles you already own will be sufficient, we highly recommend opting for a bladder. Having to stop and take a water bottle out of your pack every time you need a drink will slow you down and also interrupt your momentum. It can also cause you to drink less water than you should as you may not make the effort to get your water bottle out of your pack to drink. The Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir comes in a 3L version, which is going to be important in getting you through to each fill up station. Having some Gu Hydration Drink Tabs in a water bottle is a good idea as well, as they to help replace the fluids you might be losing through sweating. It’s really important that you don’t get dehydrated at any point, so anything you can do to prevent that is a big plus! 

gu and osprey


Oxfam Trailwalker is an exciting event for an important cause, and it is challenging, both physically and mentally. However, with these last-minute purchase and preparation tips, we have no doubt that you will be fighting fit and ready to go. 


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