More glorious sunshine greeted competitors over both days of the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series at the Royal National Park just south of Sydney.


This year the race enjoyed perfect weather in the week leading up to the race allowing the full Mountain Bike leg to be used.


The trail running leg to Karloo Pools proved to be a tough challenge but the beautiful scenery more than made up for the hill in & climb out.


Will we see a Stand Up Paddle Boarding leg next year after being inspired by this teams take on the kayak leg!?!


Both days had a high standard of close competition with a number of the leading teams coming across the line in-time to head out for a “bonus” running leg pushing the finishing time to around 3 hours for the Classic Course.


Sundays Novice Course again proved amazingly popular with a large amount of families & 1st time racers (both young and old).


After receiving some great racing tips from Gary at Maximum Adventures they hit the course and from all the smiling faces looked like they had a great time enjoying the sunshine and Royal National Park putting their fitness and navigation skills to test.


Special thanks to our cosupporters Marmot Australia & Icebreaker.


Full results can be found here and more inspiring photos are available from Outer Image Collective.


Saturday Classic Course


  1. Mad Mums – Jodie Mielke & Neroli Sullivan
  2. Shooting Startlets – Jane Senior & Anna Rodgers
  3. The Two Pink Ladies – Vicki Humpherson & Phoebe Savage


  1. Toucan – Brad White & Paul Argaragias
  2. Belrose Bicycles – Chad & Ryan Armstrong
  3. More Than Hype – Llew Scott & David Corbett


  1. Team THULE-Magellan-Norco Bikes-Cheeky Bike Store – Jenny Enderby &Damien Enderby
  2. Jog On… – Pippa Lyon & Joe Lyon
  3. Lifestyle – Luke Parkes & Lisa Krummer


Sunday Classic Course


  1. Life Adventure – Lisa Antill & Gina Ricardo
  2. Dancing Cheetahs – Kym Turnell & Michelle Reed
  3. Pocket Rocket – Lana Vella & Lee Morgan


  1. Mars #1 – Michel Haenggi & Gavin Williams
  2. Bushies – Greg Wyers & Daniel Toole
  3. Kiwiscantfly – Jamie Anderson, Scott Mckinnel


  1. Bushies – Jenny Henville & Jonathan Mckenzie-Hicks
  2. Traces of Nuts – Luke Nuttall & Melissa Nuttall
  3. Mixed Up – Shane Field & Neroli Field


Sunday Novice Course


  1. Dedicated & Devoted – Debra Tomicic & Eve Gardner
  2. Vic & Tan – Tanya Lawrence & Vicki Palmer
  3. Gin and Tonic – Fiona Mccollin, Corin Moffatt


  1. We Arn’t Mates – Ben Anderson & Scott Youlten
  2. Jack & Joel – Joel Wooldridge & Jack Porter
  3. Rock The Valley – Robert Quinn & Brad Deblauw


  1. Evo Narra SuperStars – Nadia Filmalter & Darren Thompson
  2. Pilgrim1 – Shane Michael Pilgrim & Laura Pilgrim
  3. Kirbert – Kirsten Neethling & Robert Ramage


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