After a chilly morning glorious sunshine greeted competitors over both days of the Paddy Pallin Adventure Series at the Royal National Park just south of Sydney.


A slight course change due to heavy rain on the Friday before the race meant the Mountain Biking was a little shorter than planned. However this didn’t dampen the enthusiasm as there was till plenty of trail running, navigating through the bush, kayak & MTB sections for everyone to enjoy.


Both days had a high standard of close competition with a number of the leading teams coming across the line in-time to head out for a “bonus” running leg pushing the finishing time to around 3 hours.

One of the highlights was the large amount of 1st time racers (both young and old) who had a great time enjoying a day in the National Park putting their fitness and navigation skills to test.


If your keen to enter there are still races left in the Blue Mountains, Melbourne and Sydney with more information found in our Events section


Special thanks to our cosupporters Marmot Australia & Icebreaker.

Full results and photos from the weekend can be found here.




  1. Mad Mothers – Fiona Hornman & Kristen Brace
  2. Dancing Cheetahs – Kym Turnell & Michelle Reed
  3. F4A – Lauren Brooks &Tina Barclay


  1. Belrose Bicycles – Chad & Ryan Armstrong
  2. Sunshine Warriors – Duncan Gardner & Prahlad WarSzaushi
  3. Enough of the Hype – Llew Scott & David Corbett


  1. Traces of Nuts – Luke Nuttall & Melissa Nuttall
  2. Over Yonder Racing – Ben Cirulis & Alice King
  3. Davnie – David Farrington & Annabelle Lewin



  1. Sue and Jodes – Sue Thompson & Jody Mielke
  2. Pro Muppets – Avril Swan & Gina Ricardo
  3. No Excuses – Karen Alexander & Sharon Frith


  1. Venga Boys – Michel Haenggi & Marty Keyes
  2. Jekyll and Hyde – Lachlan Dansie & Shane Koziwoda
  3. Scott Cock Racing – Peter Graham & Scott Cook


  1. Bushies – Jenny Henville & Jonathan Mckenzie-Hicks
  2. Mixed Up – Shane Field & Neroli Field
  3. Team Scout – Myall Quint & Kerrie Hammond


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Dave has worked as an International Expedition Leader and in Outdoor Education for over 15 years. He has extensive travel and guiding experience in Australia, NZ, Asia, South/North America and Europe. In his spare time Dave is a keen bushwalker, mountain biker and climber while also dabbling in some mountaineering and sea kayaking.

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