Long days, warm nights and the chorus of colourful birds. These are just some of the reasons to love hiking in the warmer months. However, the long hours of heat and UV exposure can sometimes take its toll on our bodies. We have compiled a list of some of the best items to take on your summer trip to make sure you can get the most out of your outdoor adventure. 

Inflatable Lantern 

Warm summer nights on the trail can feel just as special as when you’re pounding kilometres on the trail. The Luci Outdoor solar light offers a light-weight and durable way to enjoy your evenings a little longer. The Luci light is a collapsible lantern that recharges easily on the trail, meaning you don’t have to worry about carrying batteries. Its collapsible shape and measly weight of 125g mean it will be a barely noticeable addition to your bag. Its adjustable straps allow it to be easily strung up at camp, in your tent or attached to your backpack for charging. The lantern is even waterproof, making it usable during those summer showers. It’s the perfect way to bring light into your campsite when you just aren’t ready to get into bed yet. 

Luci Outdoor Solar Light and Bushman’s Repellent

Bug Spray 

Summer hiking often means a crowd of six-legged friends accompany you on the trail or at the campsite. If you want to keep these bugs at a comfortable distance then nothing beats Bushman’s insect repellent. The repellant offers 15 hours of relief from sandflies, mosquitoes, ticks and more. Importantly, it is water, sweat and rub resistant which makes it suitable for use on your adventures under the hot sun.  

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner

Icebreaker Cool-lite Range 

Icebreaker is renowned for its high-quality merino wool garments that resist smell-producing bacteria and effectively wick away sweat. Their range of Cool-lite garments capitalise on these properties of merino wool while adding extra material that increases breathability on hot, summer days. This material, TENCEL™, is a natural wood fibre that keeps the garment cool, ventilated and soft against the skin. Cool-lite garments feature a blend of the high-performing merino wool and this summer-friendly material TENCEL™. Additionally, many of the Cool-lite series garments feature an eyelet mesh that enhances breathability in warm conditions. 



Perhaps you’re thinking, surely hats are insensitive to all the technical specifications and labelling systems of other outdoor gear? It’s just a hat, how complicated can it be? Before trying the Mont Sun Hat we would have agreed, but after using it we can say without a doubt that the perfect hiking hat does exist and we’ve got the specs to prove it… 

Mont is a Canberra based brand that makes gear with the tough, Australian landscape in mind. The Mont Sun hat is made of tough nylon fabric (UPF 40+) and is treated with a water repellent coating to resist water and stains. Its chin strap is a single strand of material, unlike many other hats which knot two strands together to prevent the fastening toggle from falling off. In other hats this knot can come undone over time meaning you lose the toggle on the trail, however, this is not a concern with Mont’s hat. No more floppy hats obscuring your view on the windy days, the Mont Sun Hat is the perfect companion all summer long. 

Mont Sun Hat and Klean Kanteen Bottles

Insulated Bottles 

There are few things more refreshing than a sip of cold water during your walk. With the Klean Kanteen insulated bottle, you can keep drinks cold for 50 hours! Their tough stainless steel design means they can handle anything you throw at them on your adventures. So if you’re after a refreshing sip of cold water or an iced coffee pick-me-up mid-walk, these bottles will keep your drinks cool for hours in the wilderness. 

Osprey Stratos and Sirrus  

When you’re smashing kilometres under a hot sun, a hot backpack pressed against your back can often make the day feel even hotter. The Osprey Stratos and Sirrus range offer fantastic ventilation to many day-bags with their unique Airspeed™ Suspension back-panel. The tensioned back-panel, that makes direct contact with your back, is composed of a mesh material that allows maximum ventilation. Further, this back-panel is suspended away from the remainder of the bag, creating a space between you and the bag. This space allows air to pass through freely, allowing the relief of a cooling breeze against your back while you’re on the trail.     

Osprey Stratos 24 and Sirrus 24 Daypack

Osprey Stratos 24 and Sirrus 24 Daypack

Injinji Socks 

Hours on the trail under a hot sun often mean we’re perspiring more in the summer months. For many of us, this can mean blistering, with the excess moisture in our socks softening the skin. Injinji socks are a great way to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters in the warmer months. Injinji socks offer superior moisture management with their toe-hugging design and quick-drying synthetic material. Although it may seem a little strange at first, the design puts the socks moisture-wicking fabric between your toes to ensure sweat is immediately wicked away and unable to soften the skin. If you’re prone to blistering in the warmer months, the Injinji socks may just be the solution to keeping your feet happy. 

Photograph: Lachlan Gardiner

Body Cooling Neck Wrap

The Cobber Body Cooling Neck Wrap is perfect for those who particularly feel the heat in the warmer months. The wrap is composed of a polyester-cotton blend fabric and is filled with polycrystals that expand and absorb water. Simply place the crystals in clean water for up to 30 minutes and then tie around the neck. Over the course of the warm day, this water will evaporate away and produce a cooling effect. It’s a similar idea to wetting your hat on the trail to stay cool but the polycrystals hold onto a larger volume of water which allows for sustained relief from the evaporative cooling. 

Buff High UV Protection 

Staying sun-smart in the summer months can be particularly difficult. Regular perspiring and rubbing can affect the efficacy of sunscreen but with the Buff High UV Protection Headwear, you have an added layer of protection against the harsh summer sun. These multifunctional, chute accessories provide 95% UV blockage whilst keeping you cool by wicking away sweat with their evaporative cooling system, and functioning as a sweat-band to wipe away perspiration. They can be worn as a headband, wristband, scarf, mask, scrunchie or anything you can think of! They’re a popular accessory for those who need superior moisture management under hot conditions. 

Cobber Body Cooling Neck Wrap, Buff High UV Protection, BodyGlide Anti Chafe Balm, Injinji Socks

Anti-Chafe Balm 

There are few things more unpleasant than the irritation caused by chafing. The summer months can be especially troublesome for chafing with those extra degrees causing us to perspire leading to a softening of the skin. Add hours of friction and rubbing from clothes and footwear and suddenly you may have some blistering or chafing. BodyGlide Anti-Chafe balm provides protection with its oil-free formula that penetrates the skin and creates a barrier against moisture and friction. Simply apply the balm to trouble areas before you set out or during your walk and enjoy a chafe-free day in nature. 

Staying comfortable and cool on the trail in the warmer months can make your trip that little bit more special. Let your memories on the trail be more cold-drinks and happy feet and fewer mosquito bites and heat-rash. 


We hope these tips help you make the most of those summer adventures to come! Tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can keep up!

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