Since purchasing my Scarpa Crux in May they have quickly become the shoes that I generally go to first when heading outdoors. Over the last 6 months I have used them on day walks in Sydney, approach shoes when climbing in the Blue Mountains, trekking in the French Alps, via ferrata in Italian Dolomites, mountain biking in Austria and general travel.

Tech Specs

The Crux features Vibram® Vertical which is their super sticky rubber and a rubber rand which covers the toe and wraps around to the lateral area of the shoe which provides extra protection & durability when hiking through rough terrain and scrambling up rocks. The laces of the Crux run down to the toe box which gives a custom fit with extra support provided by two Kevlar loops to lock the foot in place when walking on technical terrain.


The Crux falls into Scarpa’s Planet Friendly range. They use a mixture of mesh, synthetic leather lining, webbing, laces and rubber that are between 25 and 100 percent recycled content, as well as EcoPure in the midsoles so they biodegrade more quickly under landfill conditions, the Scarpa Crux set a higher standard in supporting low-impact technology.


On the trail

As I mentioned in my first look review in June I found that when trying the Crux’s on there was some pressure felt at the base of the Ankle Malleolus (knobbly bone at the ankle). However after a day walking around the office and the time to allow the leather and mesh upper to soften the Crux broke in nicely. Since that initial break in period the Crux have become a very comfortable pair of light trekking/approach shoes.

After some general use around Sydney on day walks and at the crag when climbing the Scarpa Crux was my only pair of outdoor shoes taken to Europe for a months holiday. While the Crux falls into the approach shoe category I’ve used it primarily as a light hiker while in Europe and found the performance to be of the highest quality. Their grip is super solid & led to high confidence when scrambling around on rocky slabs with a pack on. When mountain biking in Europe I used flat peddles to save needing to carry another pair of shoes, the Vibram rubber was nice & tacky and gave plenty of grip.


The only time I didn’t feel stable in the shoes was when walking in snow with the low profile grip not really giving much grip. Saying that the Crux’s are not intended to be used in snow and I was defiantly using them in an environment where they shouldn’t have been taken.

The Crux have also proven to be very durable so far with no signs of wear and tear. Only time will tell on how they perform over the years.

In Conclusion

The Scarpa Crux have now become my go to pair of shoes for most things outdoors. They are nice and light, but their semi stiff shank supports the foot over a days walking carrying a medium weighted pack. They have become super comfortable, dependable shoes while not looking to outdoorsy meaning they can be worn around town without looking like your off to trek the Himalayas.

Two thumbs up!!


Review: Scarpa Crux
Great pair of approach/day hiking shoes.
Fit & Size90%
  • Amazing grip on all but snow
  • Shank supports the foot on uneven terrain
  • Super versatile shoe which can be used for more than just walking to the crag
  • Some discomfort around the ankle but the shoes broke in quickly
  • Not waterproof. However the leather upper has some resistance and they dry very quickly
  • The tongue on the left shoe would slide to the left of centre. However this happens with most of my shoes due to my high arches and didn't cause any discomfort
93%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (9 Votes)

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Dave has worked as an International Expedition Leader and in Outdoor Education for over 15 years. He has extensive travel and guiding experience in Australia, NZ, Asia, South/North America and Europe. In his spare time Dave is a keen bushwalker, mountain biker and climber while also dabbling in some mountaineering and sea kayaking.

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