Professional guide and lover of the outdoors, Flynn, puts the Scarpa Delta Gore-Tex boots to the test in the rugged Tasmanian wilderness on a hiking and camping trip. He shares with us and explains all the technical features and his thoughts on how they perform while out on the trail.  

You can judge a person by their shoes, and there have been studies to prove it. Foot fashion can represent gender, age, income, and even social status. In the world of outdoor shoes you can get a sense of people’s experience and agenda by their boots. Some suggest weekend walks on well maintained trails, others represent multi-day adventuring, while some tell the tale of many years of walking on and off the beaten track. In this sense, their wealth isn’t determined by their income, it’s reflected by their sense of adventure; the places they’ve been and the places they want to go on their outdoor adventures.

If you see somebody wearing a pair of Scarpa Delta Gore-Tex Boots you know they mean business. Even if you don’t know the particulars of them, they just look badass. If you have scoped out the Delta’s at any stage in your life, you’re likely to have boot envy at this stage. You may even wish to touch them, the way you pat a strange dog on the street. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These boots are mighty fine, and in this outdoor gear review I hope to shed some light on why you should consider them as your next big purchase of essential outdoor gear.


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Photo by Jed Collard

To avoid some possible confusion, let me just clear something up. Scarpa make 2 variations of Deltas; one pair is Gore-Tex lined, and the other is leather lined. In this review I will be talking only about the Gore-Tex version. Both options are available at Paddy Pallin, you can speak to staff in store about the differences and why you may want one over the other.

Scarpa Delta Hiking boots that are muddy and used, being worn in Tasmania

Photo by Jed Collard

To start off, I’ll talk about how these boots feel. Sometimes you put on big leather boots and you feel like you need to break them in for a couple of weeks before you can give them a good run for their money in the form of a multi-day hike. I certainly suggest breaking these in, as with any boot. However, with the Scarpa Deltas the Activ Medium insole, along with the Biometric sole, makes for a surprisingly cushioned ride. The grip and anatomical design of the Vibram sole also promotes foot rolling as you step, rather than feeling like a heavy clunky boot. I can tell you now that after 5 days of walking with a heavy pack on uneven terrain, features like this are absolutely priceless.

Scarpa Delta hiking boot review

Photo by Jed Collard

The upper of this boot makes for adequate shelter from the outside world, while looking rather neat. The 2.4-2.6mm full grain leather gives it the wonderful natural look of a traditional boot. The rubber rand over the toe is equivalent to a four wheel drive having a lift kit with massive wheels; you know it’s made to go where others can’t. This is all adding up to be a pretty serious boot, so it’s only fair that the laces join the party. The lacing system is made up of a pulley-like speed lacing system, allowing you to get maximum tension on the laces. This is great when the boots are caked in mud, frozen over, or soaked through, and you need to tighten them up for the extra teeth-gritting adventures.

Scarpa Hiking boot being worn next to a lake in Tasmania

Photo by Jed Collard

Thumbs up:
– Comfortable out of the box – which can only get better
– Great insole and sole combination for comfort, grip, and stability
– Attractive full grain leather upper
– Rubber toe rand for protection of leather
– Pulley like lacing system for optimal tension
– Attractive traditional looking boot

Thumbs down:
– Potentially too wide for people with narrower feet – definitely try before you buy
– Can be very heavy when wet (Not Delta specific, just leather boots in general)
– Cut of boot not as high as some others, for ankle comfort and support

Scarpa Delta Gore-Tex Boot being worn in snowy Tasmanian wilderness

Photo by Jed Collard

As a hiking guide I can appreciate the durability of these boots, the comfort they offer, the practical features, and the natural protection of leather. They’re a classic in the Scarpa range, I hope to see you in some soon. Head into your local Paddy Pallin today and try on the Delta GTX boot with the help of their expert staff.

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Scarpa Delta GTX Hiking Boot Review
Comfort 95%
Foot Protection100%
Durability 90%
96%Overall Score

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When Flynn isn't working in the Hobart Paddy Pallin store he works as a guide on some of Tasmania's most iconic and wild walks. As well as multi-day hiking he's also an avid rock climber and mountaineer. When he's not outdoors playing or in the store, he's probably thinking about gear and what he can get his hands on next!

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  1. Steve

    Just completed 18 days doing the Everest High Passes trek in my Scarpa Delta GTX Gore Tex version boots. Great piece of robust kit overall. Only criticism is that the supplied thin inner soles do not provide much comfort to the metatarsal heads or arch of the foot. Caused metatarsal pain after some 2 hours of trekking on hard ground. Replaced mine with a pair of Superfeet Orange inner soles for better support and cushioning. Anyone else experience similar issues?


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