Last Summer Icebreaker managed put a new twist on the ever popular Tech Lite 150 weight fabric by introducing their Corespun technology. By adding a nylon core to the fabric, Icebreaker have managed to add extra strength (now 40% greater then the industry standard merino tee) to the humble Tech Lite Tee. Icebreakers merino fibre still wraps around this nylon core which means you still get the amazing softness of merino next to your skin and the anti stink factor is as great as ever.

This Winter Icebreaker has added their Corespun technology to more styles with the Icebreaker RealFLEECE range receiving the Corespun makeover. The RealFLEECE range consists of the Sierra Vest and Jacket for men, the Cascade Vest and Jacket for women as well as Gloves & Beanies. Icebreaker’s RealFLEECE gives you greater durability of their old Merino 320 weight fabric with the bonus of less bulk and weight without effecting the toasty warmth we all know and love.

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New Zealand freeskier and Icebreaker ambassador Pete Oswald has been using the Icebreaker Tech Lite Tee’s over the Summer and had some great feedback for the improved fabric. Over to you Pete!


“I spend my year cruising all around the globe skiing but also trotting from one adventure to the next. I don’t like to have too much “stuff” and clothing is something I really try to avoid having a lot of. That is why I wear Icebreaker and in particular I love my new Corespun Tech T Lite tee shirt. I can use it for sweaty activities like running, biking and then even roll into a bar straight after and still look and smell respectable. But I can also turn up to meeting in it and seal a deal.  What’s more they’re tough, I can treat them like shit, get them wet, rip them off quickly, crash off my bike, have a huge night out and they still seem to look mint. When compare to my old t shirts without the Corespun nylon blend I cannot feel any difference in the feel or weight of it. It is still the same super light airy Merino Icebreaker that I’m used to – but just built to last longer, so all I need is just the one. Less “stuff” – Perfect.”


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Born in Blenheim, New Zealand, I grew up on a high country sheep farm in the central province of Marlborough. At the local ski hill, Rainbow Valley, I was hooked on skiing at 5 years old. As a kid I never raced nor took lessons but was constantly on the hunt for speed and air! In my last year of high school I made the move south to Wanaka because I heard students were able to ski 3 days a week. The following year I ventured for the first time to the northern hemisphere. Between working and studying I have ski and ventured as much as possible ever since.

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