Monique and Jasper are an adventure seeking couple pursuing outdoor adventure activities in a range of adventure destinations spanning Australia as they live life on the road. They have most recently found themselves exploring the National Parks of Western Australia, where they have been camping, bushwalking, and enjoying time both in and out of the coastal and inland waters.

Life on the Road

It’s springtime in the West – The perfect time of year that brings an exciting combination of clear sunny skies and warmer temperatures that make you want to get outdoors and in nature. What recently was a dry, dusty and desert like landscape over the summer is now thoroughly cleansed from the winter rains, transforming into vibrant green grassy fields, covered in swarms of wildflowers and filled with a variety of Australian wildlife. After enjoying a warm and dry winter in Broome and The Kimberley, we had been making our way back down the West Coast and couldn’t help but stop into one of our favourite spots along the Coral Coast Region in Kalbarri. The small coastal town with a population of roughly 1600 residents is a 7-hour drive north of Perth situated on the West coast of Australia. It’s rugged coastline offers A-grade quality waves for surfers who travel from all over to experience its huge swells. Its coastal scenery is an extended stretch of colourful, untouched seaside cliffs shaped by the wild Indian ocean and its strong winds, leaving behind unique, earthy rock formations that contrast against the bright blue sapphire ocean.

Crisp Mornings

We awoke before the break of dawn and couldn’t help but listen to the peaceful sounds of the birds as they began to start their day. It was still dark enough to see the stars glistening through the troopy’s windows as we got dressed and packed our hiking backpacks for the adventure. When hiking before or after the sun is out, ensure you have proper lighting, such as a fully charged head torch. We had decided to explore some of the National Park’s inland gorges and trek the 9km Loop Trail first. Access to the trails starting point is a 40km drive from town, only taking us about 35 minutes.

When we arrived, it was still cool enough to see our warm breath in the clear, crisp air as we hopped out of the car and headed towards the start of the track. If there’s one thing we love most when starting a new day, it’s enjoying a hot cuppa whilst watching the sun come up over the horizon.

Pre-hike hot cuppa while watching the sunrise.

After walking a few hundred metres down along the first part of the path, we decided to perch up on one of the cliffs that looked over the gorge with 180-degree views. Sipping our freshly brewed coffee, we sat and watched the warm sun slowly lighting up the Murchison River that was flowing easily beneath us. It’s the second largest river in Western Australia with fresh water flowing over 820km from the Southern Edge of the Robinson Ranges all the way to the Indian Ocean, carving an incredible 80km gorge through red and white banded sandstone.

Adventurers exploring Western Australian in Teva Footwear

Natural Monuments

It wasn’t long until the caffeine had started to kick in as well as the excitement and we continued to follow the trail down to one of the most popular and fascinating rock formations: Nature’s Window. It’s an iconic attraction for the National Park as it frames a picturesque view of the bending river. Its warm tones of burnt orange and gradient red were glowing in the morning light, somehow softening the jagged sandstone layers that have been sculpted and eroded by wind for more than 400 million years. We proceeded along the trail across the high cliff tops, admiring the bright bundles of wildflowers and passing some grey kangaroos grazing through the flora before descending down into the gorge where it meets up with the river.


Jasper soaking in the view at Nature's Window in Kalbarri National Park

With our heart rates increasing, we could feel our bodies beginning to warm up and our legs stretching further with each stride. It was enough to break into a light sweat, making us strip off our jackets and jumper. Living on the road means you have to be prepared for anything. When preparing for an adventure, layering is key to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout the day and varying conditions. Check out Paddy Pallin’s Introduction to Layering here. The trail swiftly transitioned into soft sandy banks that followed alongside the river’s edge as it snaked its way through the gorge. Strolling over the sand we could feel the mornings temperature rising and decided to find a spot to cool off in the icy cold fresh water. We felt an incredible rush as we dove under the crystal clear water, losing our breath in the moment. Craving for warmth, we quickly raced back to our gear to get dressed and continued the final steep section of the track. The rocky, vertical incline slowly led us back to the starting point where we successfully completed the Loop Track. There was a moment of fulfillment that washed over us as we made our way back to the car, ticking off yet another incredible hike in Australia.

The Salty Travelers at Nature's Window

New Outdoor Adventure Activities: Abseiling

And that was just the first part of our adventure… We decided to make things a little more exciting and drive a mere 5 minutes further down the road to another part of the National Park called the Z-Bend. A 2.6km return hike that takes you down to the river’s edge via steep descents, rocky passages and ladder climbs. It was suitably named after the sharp, tight bends carved out of the Murchison River and is the perfect place to try Abseiling. With its steep cliff faces ranging between 35 – 70 metres, it attracts all sorts of thrill seekers, from beginners to experts. With both of us slightly being afraid of heights, abseiling had never really crossed our minds. It wasn’t until right then and there that we decided to tick it off our bucket list. We could feel nothing but sweaty palms and a racing heart as we start to step backwards off the top of the cliff, gently releasing and tightening the rope as we slowly lowered ourselves and only the tops of our feet were touching the rock face. If you’re looking to take the leap to climbing/abseiling outdoors, here are a few ideal areas to give outdoor climbing a go: 5 Areas to take your indoor skills and learn the ropes outside.

Monique trying a new outdoor adventure activity: abseiling.

Our stomachs suddenly dropped as we began repeatedly bouncing off the cliff while we descended down toward the lower ground. The adrenaline was spreading throughout our entire bodies, giving us weak legs when we did finally reach the bottom. But once again it was a strong feeling of achievement for the both of us. Before it was time to head off, we sat ourselves down in the sun by the rivers edge to soak in one last view of the Murchison, leaving us with a strong appreciation for all its natural qualities. It was the perfect place to escape the ordinary and take in all the raw, rugged beauty that this National Park has to offer.

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Monique and Jasper

Monique and Jasper are an adventure seeking couple that are currently living life on the road and traveling around Australia. The pair take on outdoor adventure activities both in and out of the water, including surfing, fishing, and bushwalking in many adventure destinations. They have mastered the art of camping after months on the road, and welcome all outdoor pursuits that come their way!

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