Today’s outdoor athletes are climbing higher, running longer and going bigger. Rather than solely focusing on their activities in the outdoors, athletes are doing a lot more activity-specific exercises for training.

For runners, this training could mean the different between at DNF or winning a race. For climbers, it could mean reaching a summit, or having to turn back. For skiers and snowboarders, it could mean being fresh enough at the top of the climb to enjoy the descent, and do it safely. For athletes at the cutting edge of their sport, Mountain Athletics will maximise strength and stability, increase agility, reduce injury and speed recovery.

For weekend warriors, Mountain Athletics is about getting more enjoyment from the limited time they spend outdoors. It might involve training for a specific trip, race or goal or simply being ready for when the next adventure arises.

The North Face developed Mountain Athletics to inspire people to set a goal and go big outdoors, and to give them the tools that enable them to do this. The Mountain Athletics Training App helps everyday athletes and weekend warriors alike establish a goal within three sports: running, climbing and skiing. There are also modules for general fitness. Based on a six-week timeline, athletes get a playlist of instructional videos led by The North Face Athlete Team members that will help them accomplish their outdoor goals.


The North Face launched Mountain Athletics within Australia and New Zealand at Joes Basecamp last month alongside Joe Bonington and his trainers and members. Joes Basecamp is the home to many inspiring members who are achieving great things in the outdoors.


The Mountain Athletics Collection offers the durability and full range of motion necessary for intense functional training exercises. It is the next evolution of technical-training apparel and footwear designed to help athletes push their limits in their outdoor sports.

Mountain Athletics gear is engineered with FlashDry-XD technology that keeps you dry and won’t snag, pill or pull. Materials designed to stretch, flex and move with your most rigorous workout.


Available now for free download on the App Store, the Mountain Athletics training app for iOS acts like a pocket personal trainer with expanded functionality, instant goal tracker updates, and interactive social features to help you stay motivated and focused on the go.

So, what are you training for? Set your goal. Get the gear. Go strong outdoors. Download the Mountain Athletics training app for free from the Apple Store.


Goal Setting: Set a goal for the outdoors six weeks out, edit and view progress toward that goal.

Sport-Specific Programs: Training is customized for specific outdoor sports to build strength, endurance, and durability for each individual athlete.

Video Demos and Athlete Tips: The North Face athlete team demonstrates exercises within the app to ensure proper form every time.

Timer + Rep Counter: Select a training session for the day and the app will keep track of time and allow for rep counting to properly track progress.

Social Sharing: Stay accountable by sharing training updates with friends on Facebook.

Activity and Session History: Analyse past activity data to see progress and patterns.

Badges and Rewards: When a goal is achieved, unlock shareable badges.


Head to to your closest Store or Online to see the The North Face Mountain Athletics range.

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Dave has worked as an International Expedition Leader and in Outdoor Education for over 15 years. He has extensive travel and guiding experience in Australia, NZ, Asia, South/North America and Europe. In his spare time Dave is a keen bushwalker, mountain biker and climber while also dabbling in some mountaineering and sea kayaking.

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