2017, what a year!! This year Paddy Pallin’s humble little blog has strived to give you an entertaining & educational mix of inspirational destinations, camping, adventure photography & hiking tips and reviews on the latest in outdoor equipment.

We have travelled all over the world from Nepal to the Americas and closer to home in New Zealand & Australia with our top 5 performing articles published this year following below.

So put your feet up, re-inspire yourself, or take note of what you may have missed.

#5 All About Trekking Poles

Lets face it with none of us getting younger we need every bit of help when out on the trail. With this in mind Lachlan’s All About Trekking Poles article proved to be popular with those who want to look after their knees while on the trail.

#4 Trip Report: Peru’s Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, it is one of the best alternative trekking options to the Inca Trail. With more of you looking to get away from the crowds to enjoy the local culture and nature Dave’s Trip Report covering Peru’s Salkantay Trek was consistently read throughout 2017.

#3 Sleeping Bag Systems 101

A good sleep after a long hard days hiking is high on everyone’s priority list and with our Sleeping Bag Systems 101 article sneaking into the top 3 it seems its high on the agenda for our readers as well.

#2 How to Hike the Torres del Paine “O” Circuit in Patagonia

The Torres del Paine “O” Circuit in Patagonia is consistently voted as one of the best hikes in the World and looking at how many of you read Dave’s How to Hike the Torres del Paine “O” Circuit in Patagonia article that gave away all of the secrets on how to organise, what to take and how to hike the “O” there are plenty more of you who have it on the bucket list.

#1 All About Waterproof Fabrics 

In our All About Waterproof Fabrics article Matt embraced his inner ‘tech nerd’ and explored how and why these fabrics keep you dry and outdoors longer. It consistently ranks at the top and it seems you couldn’t get enough of it.

We can’t wait to continue to educate and hopefully inspire you to enjoy the outdoors in 2018!!

This is where we need your help. Can you let us know what types of articles would you like to read this year?

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Dave Casey

Dave has worked as an International Expedition Leader and in Outdoor Education for over 15 years. He has extensive travel and guiding experience in Australia, NZ, Asia, South/North America and Europe. In his spare time Dave is a keen bushwalker, mountain biker and climber while also dabbling in some mountaineering and sea kayaking.

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