Nothing beats getting out on the trail. The fresh air, the wildlife, the sounds of gentle streams, what’s not to love. If you are looking for some inspiration and some new trails to explore around Sydney, here are some of our favourite daywalks in the Blue Mountains. Whether you are looking for a short hike or an all day adventure we have something for you.

Sassafrass Gully – Springwood

There are a few different trails in this gully to explore, but if you are looking for a little longer adventure, then there is a loop which spans about 14kms (including the walk back to your car. After dropping into the valley you will be surrounded by streams, little waterfalls, lots of waterholes and beautiful rainforest. There are many streams to cross but you can mostly avoid getting your feet wet. If you have waterproof shoes or boots, we would recommend wearing them.Due to the recent flooding some sections of the track are a little less obvious than others and there are some trees to climb over and under but this just adds to the adventure. Pro Tip: In the warmer months, pack your swimmers and a lightweight towel as there are a bunch of great waterholes to cool off in (trust us if you don’t you’ll regret it!). For more info on this trail check out Wildwalks, they have detailed track notes and maps. 

Terrace Falls Reserve – Hazelbrook

If you like waterfalls then this one’s for you! Terrace Falls is full of stunning waterfalls and little waterholes. Once you enter the valley there are so many waterfalls to check out and dips, definitely pack a camera. There are a few different trails in the reserve and a few ways to enter it, so it is a great one to do many times. But do you want to know what the best bit is? It’s doggo friendly! That’s right your best pal can tag along on your adventure. No need to deal with the heart wrenching puppy eyes when you leave to head out and explore! We can confirm that puppers love this walk! The tracks are very well defined and there is a decent amount of signage and maps located along the walk. Some of the walks in the valley require some creek crossings so if you have a little pupper or one not so keen on getting their paws wet you may need to carry them across. 

Terrace Falls Hazelbrook Doggo enjoying hiking trails

Red Hands Cave – Glenbrook

Glenbrook is a pretty popular area for hiking and mountain biking for good reason there are lots of tracks to explore and it is located at the bottom of the Blue Mountains so it is closer to Sydney than a lot of other Mountains hiking trails in the mountains. There are quite a few walks in the area, but one of our favourites is the walk from Glenbrook Creek up to Red Hands Cave. The walk follows Camp Fire Creek and Red Hands Gully so there are many beautiful rock pools and small waterfalls along the way. Red Hands Cave is covered with amazing traditional Aboriginal stencil art. Along the walk you can also see Aboriginal axe grinding sites too. This loop is about 8km and makes a great trail run for any beginners out there. If you have time we would also recommend checking out Jellybean Pool. It is a beautiful natural pool in Glenbrook Creek and is a short hike from the beginning of the Red Hands Cave track. The perfect spot to cool off after your hike or to just sit back and enjoy the serenity.  

Jellybean Pool Glenbrook Red Hands Cave Track

Grand Canyon Track – Blackheath

You have probably heard of this one before but it definitely deserves a mention in our list as the walk is stunning, and will have your calves burning at the end. The Grand Canyon Track is a beautiful well defined hike full of luscious green ferns, waterfalls, streams and sandstone cliffs. It’s great for beginner bush walkers and the loop takes between 2-4 hours depending on your fitness level and how many picture stops you take (there will be a lot). This is a great walk to do on a rainy day as the track is a lot quieter and there are even more waterfalls to enjoy. The canyon can get a little muddy so if you have a pair of waterproof shoes or boots we would recommend wearing them. 

Evan's Lookout Near the Grand Canyon track Grand Canyon Track Blue Mountains

Wentworth Falls Track

There are quite a few tracks to do when you head to Wentworth Falls depending on how far you are much you are wanting to explore. The main walk to see the falls is only about 1.5kms, but the track is quite steep so get ready for a leg workout. The views of the waterfall are stunning not to mention the view of the vast open valley that sits in front of you as you descend down the trail. Definitely keep the camera handy, you are sure to get some stunning shots. There are quite a few different loop tracks in the area to check out if you’re feeling like exploring some more once you reach the bottom of the falls. There are maps at the top of the trail to help you plan your day and plenty of signs along the tracks. 

Wentworth Falls Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

Make sure that you are always prepared when heading out into the bush. A lightweight daypack will allow you to take all your essentials like a first aid kit, water, a map and snacks, you can’t forget the snacks!  Make sure you always tell someone where you are heading and adventuring with friends is always fun and a safer option.

Have you been on any of these hikes or did we miss your favourite daywalk in the Blue Mountains? Let us know in the comments below!

Red Hands Cave Walking Track

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