Big thanks to everyone who entered Paddy Pallin & The North Face’s Wild Frontiers Contest!

From an untouched summit in Tibet or a first ascent in the Cordillera Blanca Mountain Range to chasing epic lines in Alaska or uncovering hidden trails in southeast Greenland, you need to equip yourself to push past the familiar and explore the world’s most remote destinations. That’s why Paddy Pallin is giving away $1,000 dollars of The North Face Gear!!

Adventurer pushing wild frontiers in water repellant jacket.

We asked that in 25 words or less, you tell us about a time when your gear took you FURTHER. We loved reading the entries, which reminded us that our adventure seeking community is continuously looking to explore the corners of this earth while enjoying the outdoors.

From a wide range of entries, we selected one lucky winner at random. Congratulations to Robert M. from Victoria whose recount of his journey in Alaska has won him a $1,000 shopping spree at Paddy Pallin, where he can choose from our selection of The North Face gear!

“The North Face Denali Etip Gloves kept my fingers from freezing off when I was in Alaska, other brands just didn’t cut it!” – Robert M.

Men Paddling Down Rapids on Franklin River Tasmania

Photo by Matthew E.

Here comes the fun part! We got to dig through this pile of entries and pick out some of our favourites. They exemplify how resilient, driven, hilarious, flexible and well-equipped the outdoor enthusiasts who make up the Paddy Pallin community really are!


“I’m 65 years old and have been using Paddy Pallin gear since I was 15 in Scouts! It’s never let me down. You can trust it!” – Alan D. (QLD)


“Whether I’m abseiling in the Venezuelan jungle or snowshoeing in the Australian Alps backcountry, there’s one thing I know for sure: no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!” – Corinne W. (ACT)


“My Merrell boots have kept my feet dry on the way to Everest Base Camp, and my Camelbak kept me hydrated on the Kokoda trail!” -Kristin B. (QLD)


“My shoes are my pride and joy. Nothing better than a strong pair of shoes.” -Sam A. (WA)


“My trusty North Face boots on camping trips with the kids saved my feet from all the sharp lego pieces left lying around the tent.”-Jeff S. (QLD)


“Even the most remote, challenging or untouched place seems in reach and possible when you feel protected from the elements.” -Annie L. (NSW)

Conrad Anker climbing out fully geared up with helmet and hiking backpack.

Photo by Jimmy Chin

“Braved the cold, climbed the mountain, weathered the storm. Compact, hard wearing and lightweight. Couldn’t have done it without.” -Jerilee B. (WA)


“We did the 7 day rainy West Coast Trail. Outdoors can be fun in any weather. As long as your gear is reliable weather doesn’t make a difference.” -Tina N. (Overseas)


“My gear allowed me to travel deep into the depth of my couch. My house has no heater.” -Kaytlin B. (WA)


“Offering my duck-down jacket to a cold employee at Splendour in the Grass got me backstage to meet The Strokes.” -Arden S. (VIC)


“Lugs, Poles and a solid backpack allow me to hike, scramble or jump up that next obstacle!” -Andy T. (WA)


“Going back to skiing for the first time since having kids, and seeing my 4 yo hit the slopes for the first time!!” -Jason L. (NSW)


“3 main essentials while trekking in Vietnam were my jungle blanket, hiking boots and a waterproof jacket. The sudden change in weather was easily adaptable.” -Tu L. (VIC)

Want to learn more about which waterproof jacket might be right for you? Have a look at our blog all about waterproof fabrics.


“The North Face Men’s Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiking Shoes enabled me to hike most of Israel. Over my journey I had to face struggle through sand dunes and rocky terrain.” -Zak J. (VIC)


“My hiking boots. 10 years of life, nearly 25 nations – Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Djibouti, Ukraine, and many more. Where they can go, I can go.” -Alan S. (NT)


“My teenage daughter wore MY hiking boots, up Mt Kosciusko, to the peak of Cradle Mountain then off-track around Kakadu. The well trodden soles came home shredded!” -Manda R. (VIC)


“My thermals have allowed me to canyon well all through the Blue Mountains absolutely freezing water but my gear never failed” -Kayla H. (NSW)


North Face vests saw me staying warm while whitewater rafting in remote Nepal, then reappearing back in Kathmandu looking buffed and stylish.” -Rochelle V.S. (WA)


“Fishing in South Australia Coffin Bay. Cold, rocky and untouched. Kept warm, dry and comfortable.” -Laurent V. (NSW)


“Getting lost in Alpine Forest while on a quick run, then rescued by Police Helicopter; Proper gear would have made the night much more comfortable.” –Mike B. (VIC)


“My ultralight outdoor gear enables me to hike, ride and paddle further and faster. Light weight gear even lets me take my kids..” -Dean W. (NSW)


“-35c in Finland, stopped me from freezing over when on top of a cold, windy mountain that made it over -50c, lost feeling in fingers but was safe.” -Stefanie M. (WA)


“I’ve reached Koflers at Mount Buller warm in my Icebreaker Oasis leggings. While I really dislike the cold, my Paddy Pallin thermals got me to be with my family.” -Andrea P. (VIC)


“7 days of torrential rain and freezing weather on Kilimanjaro (kind of hell on earth!!) Thank goodness for my North Face down vest. Without it I doubt I would have got any sleep that week. My altitude sickness stopped me going to the summit but I sent my North Face vest up with someone else who needed some extra warmth and she and my vest made it!” -Angela H. (WA)

Base camp of Kilimanjaro hiking tents

“It might not have been Everest, but reaching the Kosciuszko peak in a borrowed North Face jacket made me feel on top of the world!” -Justine G. (QLD)


“My gear is my passport to comfort, durability and reliability that gives me the confidence to venture into the vast contrasts that our unique Australian landscape challenges us with.” -Ann-Marie W. (VIC)

Hikers with showshoes in mountains

Photo by Robbie Baudish

“Extreme layering and a good heavy down jacket allowed me to explore the inner regions of Mongolia where it was -25degrees.” -Aaron C. (VIC)


“In Scarpa Deltas, I solo-hiked calcified water rapids of Huanglong; traversed narrow pathways in Tiger-Leaping Gorge, and scaled cliff faces of Huangshan without tweaking an ankle.” -Ruth G. (VIC)


“Hiking Icelandic glacial peaks, sea kayaking iceberg alley in Greenland & Svalbard glacial fronts & warming up after a polar plunge in arctic waters!” -Lisa H. (NSW)


“I’m a polar junkie! My gear from Paddy Pallin keeps me warm and dry in the Antarctic and Arctic – been to both twice…and going south again next year.” -Gillian D. (NSW)


“My Scarpa hiking boots make me feel like Wonder Woman, I can go anywhere and do anything! With them, I hiked through snow and ice to Emerald Lake in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (without slipping!). My next adventure…New Zealand!” -Lauren C. (NSW)

Hiker laces up hiking boots

Photo by Lachlan Gardiner

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