At Paddy Pallin, we stock a range of gas canisters and liquid fuels to suit all the camping stoves that we stock, from MSR, Trangia, Jetboil, Optimus, Primus, SOTO and 360 Degrees


Unfortunately, due to gas canisters and liquid fuel being classified as dangerous and prohibited goods by most postal services, Paddy Pallin cannot distribute these products through our online website. Our gas canisters and liquid fuel are exclusively sold at our retail locations.

Please head to your local Paddy Pallin to pick up your gas canisters and liquid fuel.


Gas Canisters

All the gas canisters we range are compatible with all the gas stoves we sell. The valve system on these stoves is designed to work with 100% butane, butane/propane combinations, and butane/isobutane/propane combinations.

Jetboil, MSR and Primus all have the same gas mixture and valve. All are made to the EN417 specification, a standard adopted by manufacturers throughout the world. These fuels contain a blend of propane, iso-butane and butane. Propane provides higher vapour pressure to the fuel, which increases performance in cold weather. Iso-butane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.

MSR IsoPro is an 80/20 blend of isobutane and propane, with the purest isobutane (5% or less n-butane) of any canister fuel. This clean-burning formulation maintains higher internal pressure at lower temperatures than standard butane/propane mixtures, delivering superior cold weather performance and more consistent output over the life of the canister.

Optimus gas canisters are a 70/30 blend of butane and propane.

Liquid Fuel

Trangia recommends using methylated spirits for their fuel burners. Alternative fuels must have at least 70% alcohol, and oil based fuels are not suitable. Trangia recommends never using gasoline or other petroleum based fuels as this may result in serious injury.

MSR recommends white gas/shellite for most trips, as it burns cleaner than most others and because it evaporates (vaporises) at a lower temperature, it makes starting your stove an easier, cleaner, and overall more pleasant experience. It also won’t leave as much of a nasty residue or odour if you have a spill.

You can purchase fuel bottles from MSR and Trangia online.


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