Did you know that 6,000kg of textile waste is discarded into Australian landfills every 10 minutes? 


We love the outdoors and want to keep enjoying it for years to come, and we know that our customers feel the same. Minimising unnecessary waste and keeping materials in circulation for longer is key to reducing our impact on the planet. We pride ourselves on supplying durable, high-quality products designed for longevity, but we recognise that we have a responsibility to consider what happens to these products at the end of their life. That’s why we’re teaming up with award-winning textile recycling company Upparel to help keep textile waste out of landfill and extend the life of your outdoor gear.

We've introduced Upparel recycling bins across select Paddy Pallin stores, so that you can easily recycle your gear when it reaches the end of its life. Upparel is Australia and New Zealand's leading textile recycling company, and since 2016 they have saved over 13 million items from ending up in landfill. Follow the steps below to conveniently recycle your gear:


  1. Gather up your used gear (it doesn't have to be a Paddy's stocked brand!)
  2. Pop in to a participating Paddy Pallin store and put your clothing in the designated bin.
  3. All donated gear is collected periodically by Upparel, who will make sure it stays out of landfill.


The Upparel team sort through every item to identify whether it is fit or unfit for wear, splitting garments into two categories:


  • Reuse: Items that are fit for wear will be donated to their trusted Australian charity partners, like Save the Children and We Are Mobilise. They also have an open-door policy for charities to come to their warehouse and collect as much clothing as they need.
  • Recycle: Items that are not fit for wear are either repurposed by local designers and makers, or transformed into another material for further use. This includes a fluffy material called FillUP, used for things like cushions and soft toys, which can be further compressed into a harder material called UPtex, used for things like packaging and homewares.

The Upparel recycling service is available now at Paddy Pallin Sydney, Perth, Melbourne Hobart stores. Coming soon to Canberra, Ringwood and Fortitude Valley.

Your old gear still has a lot of life left in it. Bring your used clothing to a participating local Paddy’s store to help us keep textiles out of landfills and preserve our planet for future generations.


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