In the midst of a forest collapse event, the Darling Escarpment is facing a deforestation crisis due to bauxite mining!


Mining is the primary cause of deforestation in Western Australia’s South West forests. Now, massive expansions, new mines and exploration are being planned. This reckless mining is destroying ancient forests, pushing wildlife to extinction and threatening our water supplies. It is time to draw the line and stop mining expansions in this Global Biodiverse Hotspot.

End Forest Mining is an alliance of many groups, representing tens of thousands of people, and growing. We are calling on the Cook Government to end forest mining and protect WA’s magnificent forests in National Parks. Forests are too precious to mine.

In support of the End Forest Mining campaign, a team of Paddy Pallin employees is participating in the Transcend Ultra marathon to raise funds for this cause. The course is 65 km long with more than 2200 meters of elevation gain. Participants can run individually or as part of a team. The route follows the scenic Avon Valley, traversing the Avon River and its rolling hills. It starts from Wallyunga National Park, passes through Bells Rapids, and continues through the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, culminating at Cobblers Pool, just south of the Julimar State Forest.

The Paddy Pallin team are running the Transcend Ultra to raise money to End Forest Mining.


For over 90 years, we’ve been Australia’s leading outdoor adventure specialists. We’ve always cared for the environment that we love to explore, and we ensure our business practices are as sustainable as they can be. Through generations of business, Paddy Pallin has remained committed to our core values, doing what we can to protect and enhance the Australian environment that we all love.

Since the 1970’s, we’ve been able to contribute to numerous suitable causes Australia-wide, to help fight for land protection and for the flora and fauna that inhabit it. In 2007, the Paddy Pallin Foundation was established to ensure our mission can be carried on for years to come, targeting our efforts to where they are needed most. Since its inception, we’ve been able to support numerous projects nationwide, from The Wilderness Society in Tasmania to NSW’s Great Koala National Park, building awareness of these important issues.



Meet Our Runners



Scott Drysdale

An Outdoor adventurer who enjoys testing his physical and mental limits in the service of others and the environment.



Brynn Rankin

A passionate Mountain Biker and Outdoor enthusiast who love to find, test and push her physical and mental boundaries




Daniel Crole

Climber, runner, and uni student who wants to see our wild places preserved for future generations



Li Wen Ooi

An outdoor adventure gremlin who cares deeply about our natural environment



Mikaela Ironmonger

An expedition guide and keen adventurer currently exploring the fjords of Norway



Stephanie Schuster

An artist, snowboarder, and passionate advocate of wild places


Support Team Paddy Pallin Runers in Raising Money to End Forest Mining


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