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Paddy Pallin Junior Cross Country 2013

Saturday 29th June 2013

The Paddy Pallin Junior Cross Country event will be held at 11am on Saturday 29 June 2013 – at the Perisher Valley Nordic Shelter. The race is for children up to 16 years of age (for the 2013 race you must be under 16 years at 31 December 2012.).

The Paddy Pallin Junior has been a Perisher Valley event for many years; our records suggest that this is the 55th year. It is the OLDEST cross country ski event in Australia (older than the KAC and older than the Paddy Pallin Classic (now replaced by the Snowy Mountains Classic) – and it’s just for the YOUNGEST skiers.

 The Paddy Pallin Junior provides an opportunity for juniors to try cross country skiing. It’s a fun ski race (no prizes for first, second and third) but everyone gets a certificate!  You can ski in it if you are only two years old or over fifteen, as long as you were under 16 at the 31 December 2012. The distance you ski depends on your age and snow conditions. The older skiers (14/15 year olds) ski up to 5 kilometres – the younger skiers (3/4 year olds) ski a few hundred metres, depending on conditions.

 In 2013 the race will be held at the Perisher Valley Nordic Shelter. After the race the usual festivities – poppers and hot dogs and spot prizes – will be held at or around the Nordic Shelter.  When that’s over there’ll be fun and games.  We will run the event regardless of the snow conditions (unless there are blizzard conditions).

 Originally organised by Paddy Pallin, this year it will be run by Tim and Pip Greville. Over the last years Tony and Sandra Greville have run it with the support of Paddy Pallin, Canberra Alpine Club and CAC members. We are pleased to announce that that support will continue in 2013.

 Entry is on the day, and there’s no charge. Just turn up to register and pick up your bib at the Nordic shelter from about ten o’clock on Saturday morning 2 July 2013. Come and give it a go!

 For information ring Tim or Pip Greville on 02 6456 3834 or Tony or Sandra Greville on 02 4844 5047.