Merino Wool Care Guide

Merino wool is an incredible material for outdoor pursuits, keeping you insulated in the cold and wicking sweat in the heat. But it’s also a complex fabric that requires delicate care to make sure it lasts and is worth the investment. Here’s how we like to look after our merino wool and ensure it stays in our wardrobe season after season.


How to Wash Merino Wool


One of the incredible things about merino is that it doesn’t need to be washed often. This material has natural anti-odour properties that stop it from smelling, even after a hot day on the trail. Merino can be worn dozens of times before it needs a wash, but when you do need to wash it, you can use the following steps as a guide. Make sure you always check the manufacturer label first for any garment-specific instructions.

First, turn the garment inside out to prevent any agitation from the machine affecting the outside of the material. Then, machine wash it on a cool gentle cycle with your regular non-bio detergent (if you can use a wool-specific detergent, then even better). Never use bio detergent, bleach, or fabric softeners as this can affect the natural performance of delicate merino fibres.


How to Dry Merino Wool


Once you have washed your merino, you’ll want to air dry it by laying it flat to maintain its shape. DO NOT tumble dry merino wool as this can lead to shrinking. You can also air out your merino between wears by hanging it loosely on an airing rack for a day or so. Don’t hang it up for too long though - you’ll want to store it flat rather than hung to help retain its shape. If you want to give it an iron, make sure it’s on a cool setting and the garment is turned inside out.


How to Repair a Hole in Merino Wool


Holes are fairly common in merino wool because of its delicate fibre structure. One of the main culprits of this is using the wrong type of detergent, so caring for your garment properly is the number one rule. Even still, wear and tear is inevitable, but getting a hole in your merino sweater doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. Follow the steps below to easily repair a small hole in your merino wool.

  1. Cut a piece of thread no longer than 40cm, thread it through a thin needle and tie a knot in the end.
  2. Sew the hole closed by stitching 2-3mm above and below the hole until you have closed the hole shut.
  3. Tie the thread with a knot so it doesn’t become loose, and cut off any excess thread.
  4. If you tear a large hole in your merino garment, you could sew a patch over the hole instead.


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