Choosing a Headlamp

How to Choose the Best Headlamp


Picking the best headlamp for your outdoor kit is a really important decision. After all, you’ll be relying on this piece of gear to find your way around after the sun goes down. Whether you’re out for a nighttime walk, hiking, or camping, a headlamp should be easy to operate, reliable, and comfortable. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best lamp or head torch for you.



Types of Hiking and Camping Lighting

There are plenty of lighting options out there for hiking and camping. Head torches are the most versatile option, providing light whilst keeping your hands free. They’re perfect for enjoying your dinner under the stars, and will help make sure you don’t get lost on the way to the toilet! They’re also an important piece of safety equipment, particularly when you’re navigating tricky hiking trails after dark. Lamps and hand torches are still useful items, but adding a headlamp to your kit will help make sure you’re covered in any scenario. The best head torch for hiking is one that fits well and provides plenty of light.

So when it comes to lighting for hiking and camping, the more options the better. This depends on how much space you have, and whether it’s practical to bring two or three different types of camp lighting. However, in our opinion, bringing a headlamp is essential!



What Lighting Should I Use for Hiking and Camping?


There are a few different types of hiking and camping lighting to choose from, and any one of them would be a great addition to your kit.


Head Torches


Head torches allow you to move freely with both of your hands available, which is super convenient if you’re on the move. A head torch makes tasks like reading maps or cooking dinner so much easier, providing plenty of light and mobility. 

Most modern torches are constructed with LED bulbs that produce a bright white light and, depending on the strength or brightness of the bulb, usually have an excellent battery life. The options range from the extremely lightweight with small battery usage (for an emergency backup or around camp) to much brighter lights with large lumens and separate battery packs for nighttime activities and caving.

To choose the best head torch for camping, think about how much light you need, your budget, and how you’ll be charging it. Something heavy-duty with more than 300 lumens of output should do the trick for regular outdoor-goers. If you simply need a headlamp for late-night walking and the occasional camping trip, you won’t need anything too powerful. A smaller, lightweight option with about 100 lumens of output is enough for this type of activity.

Paddy Pallin stocks a great range of head torches from Petzl, Black Diamond and Ledlenser.


Hand Torches


Classic hand torches are still very common in most camping or hiking kits. They’ve become much more compact and powerful over the years, meaning you can pack more lumens while taking up less space in your pack. These smaller hand torches make a great backup option for bushwalkers, but there are still plenty of large, powerful torches available that are great for group camping.




Lanterns are designed to illuminate the area around them, in all directions. The more powerful the lantern, the larger the area it can light up. This is a great option if you’re looking for a light to set up on your table or within your tent, especially if you’re not planning on walking far from your campsite. They’re usually a little heavier and take up more space than other lighting options but are the best type of static lighting for camping.


USB-rechargeable Torches


Rechargeable torches are a great option if you’re planning on spending a few days away from power outlets. They come in both hand-held and headlamp form and the most common method of recharging is through a USB cable. This means that as long as you bring a power bank on your camping or hiking trip, you can keep recharging as you need. The best rechargeable headlamps even let you use disposable batteries as a backup.



Choose the Best Headlamp with Paddy Pallin


If you’re searching for the best head torch for hiking or camping, you’re in the right place. At Paddy Pallin, we stock an extensive range of hiking and camping lighting of all kinds. Explore our full range today and find the best headlamp for your outdoor adventures.


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