The Paddy Pallin Oxfam Trailwalker Information Podcast

Toby Cogley – experiences adventure racer, Trailwalker Legend, and member of Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2008 winning team -- has put together a series of podcasts providing training and preparation advice. These seven podcast episodes take you from the very beginning of putting your team together all the way through to what to expect on race day.

Episode 1

The first step of many when contemplating the Oxfam Trailwalker is putting your team together.

In this episode Toby Cogley, veteran Trailwalker participant talks about the importance of having a robust team. Toby highlights the importance of setting goals as a team, ensuring team members expectations are aligned and defining team member responsibilities.

Hear great advice about how to prepare mentally for the event and how to manage team dynamics. The goal should be maximising each individual's strengths to benefit the whole team.


Episode 2

In this episode Toby Cogley talks through training tips and schedules.

How to maximise the most of your training, building a base, ensuring that you can make the full 100km and the benefits of training on the actual course.  To avoid injury on the day Toby talks about the importance of pre-conditioning your body so you are physiologically capable of lasting the distance.

But training is not just about the physical.  Equally as important is training your mind.  Having an understanding prior to the event how your body will feel after 20km, 40km, 60km etc will help you fight those feelings of “I cant go on anymore”.  It is at these times that the support of your team mates will be most important.


Episode 3

How much is too much???  In this episode Toby talks about the “right” amount of clothing to take on event day.

It is a fine balance between too little and too much.  Having the right fabrics will help make your event more enjoyable as well as avoiding chaffing and sunburn.

With your clothing sorted you now need to think about the other gear you will need to help get you through the event. Finally Toby talks about the importance of pre-testing all your equipment to avoid nasty surprises.


Episode 4

Keeping your feet in good condition can make or break your Oxfam Trailwalker event. In this episode Toby talks about selecting the right shoe to suit your feet and handle the terrain.

Just as important as finding the right shoe, finding the right sock to complement your shoes will help keep blisters at bay.  Toby talks about preventing and treating blisters and the importance of identifying problems early.


Episode 5

In episode 5 hear about the best way to prepare for the event from a nutritional and hydration perspective. What to eat and when to eat are things what you should have planned with your support crew prior to the event. Avoiding dehydration can make all the difference to your performance on the trail.   

Pick up some handy tips on how to keep yourself fuelled for the full 100km.


Episode 6

As the event draws closer and you have your training, equipment and nutrition under control now it is time to start thinking about the other critical aspect of your Trailwalker experience.  Your support crew.

In this episode Toby discusses the importance of having a plan to maximise the benefits of having a support crew. Working out the simple things such as how you are going to find your support crew when you arrive at a busy check point in the middle of the night, will make all the difference to your well being and morale at 60km into the event.


Episode 7

The event day has arrived – but what should you expect.  Your event day plan should start from when you arrive not just at the starting gun.

Simple things like where to meet, how to keep focused and setting an appropriate pace right from the beginning can make all the difference.  During the event a lot of work needs to go into keeping the team going, making sure everyone is on the same level, helping others manage their nutrition and hydration during the event.

One of the biggest motivators can be remembering what you are doing the event for and that supporting the Oxfam cause is a great motivator and a great cause.


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